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Quality is what sets us apart

For ITC, it’s not just about helping you find a consultant.

Over the years, our reputation has been built on providing our clients with some of the most highly skilled and quality consultants in the market. Because we are a boutique shop, we work personally and carefully to screen candidates before they work with us and are bid on any project. We have built our brand by providing experienced and passionate people to organizations that can have an immediate impact to the business.

You can feel confident with any resource presented by ITC.

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Why hire an independent consultant?

Organizations understand that hiring consultants allows them to be more effective, more efficient and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Working with a temporary resource helps companies to manage peak workloads. Resource needs can vary throughout the life of a project or initiative and hiring a consultant mitigates the risk of permanent resources that aren’t working at full capacity, creating inefficiencies for both the worker and the manager.

Independent contractors come into your environment as needed and when an initiative or project is complete, the contractor moves on. This simplifies resource management for an organization.

Hiring an independent consultant also allows you to be very selective with the skills and expertise you choose to hire. Organizations may not have a particular skill available within their current team. Consultants bring specialized knowledge and experience related to a specific topic or need, allowing you to acquire these capabilities within a timeline that meets your needs.

This expertise also allows the consultant to be productive immediately, eliminating the time and effort required for training. The process of hiring and onboarding is also much more simple when hiring an independent consultant. If your need is timely, you can have a skilled resource onsite and working quickly.

Finally, working with independent consultants results in a reduction in costs to an organization such as benefits, paid holidays, workers’ compensation insurance, a simplified payroll, recruitment and even training.

We’re happy to share more about the benefits of working with one of our consultants. If you’re interested, let’s chat.

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