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Why work with ITC?

We believe in partnerships
At ITC, we help you find that right contract that best fits your skills and expertise – but we also offer so much more.

What makes us different is that we also provide a support system based on our years of experience in consulting so you can focus on what you do well. 

Our goal is to create long-term success for the people we work with through partnerships and strong working relationships. We help you maneuver the world of consulting beyond the desk time and meetings. Using our connections within our network and analysis of trends within the market,  we work closely with consultants to create performance plans and assist with skill development to ensure further opportunities and value for our consultants for years to come. We also manage the administration stuff, including invoicing, proposal responses and contracts, to name a few.

But ITC just isn’t there when you’re looking for your next contract. We maintain a strong connection with consultants both during and after the work term to ensure we’re ready when future opportunities present themselves the moment they come up.
A core value for us is transparency, both with the consultants and employers we work with.  As a result, ITC believes in sharing the detailed terms and conditions of all contracts we secure with all parties involved. We believe the best working agreements are those that benefit and meet the needs of everyone.

We can help you get started
Making the leap from permanent employment or starting a career as an independent consultant can come with some anxiety. As former consultants, we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with being independent. By working with ITC, we can provide our experience and connections to make this transition easy and successful.

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What do our consultants say about ITC?

I’d recommend ITC to any independent consultant. They have good knowledge of the market and I feel they have my best interests at heart.

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Raje Sambandam

I’m impressed with the way ITC treats their consultant community. They treat me as a partner. Something you don’t see from other vendors.

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Jared Moe

I find ITC very easy to work with. They have my best interest at heart and look to provide a successful environment to work in

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Rod Nagel

I’m very happy with ITC and would recommend them to all my developer colleagues.

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Thileepan Sabaratnam

I’ve known Craig and Krista for many years and have been working with them as an independent consultant since the fall of 2013. Their approach is unique in this market and one that provides value to me and my employer.

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Janice Shentaler

I have come to know ITC well in the past year and truly believe there is value in their business model. I have recommended Krista and Craig to a number of my professional colleagues.

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Brandy Austin-Beyer

Who’s hired our consultants?

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